Ozona is a small coastal community located on the west-central coast of Florida. The area of Ozona is about 775 households, located in the northern unincorporated area of Pinellas County,  Tampa Road leads directly into and, in fact, originates in Ozona. It hugs the Gulf of Mexico south of Tarpon Springs and north of Dunedin and Clearwater. Ozona is the very definition of eclectic. With large luxury homes next door to small beach cottages; from out-of-the-way dessert shops to some of the greatest seafood restaurants in Pinellas County; we have that perfect mix of work and play that makes for a place you’re happy to call home.

Take a look through the local village website for more information on the history and current events going on around Ozona. http://www.ozonavillagefl.us/inozona

Ozona—located on the Gulf coast between Dunedin and Palm Harbor (and 10 miles from Clearwater Beach)—is the kind of place that all but forces you to take a deep, cleansing breath, to let your muscles loosen.

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One of the beautiful Sunsets in Ozona, FL

“The sense of peace you get in Ozona is probably the first thing that comes to mind,” says eight-year resident George Yost, who lives with his wife Wendy Armel in a custom-built modern home surrounded by natural bamboo. “It has a Mayberry feel, like going back 50 years, but at the same time it’s very diverse.”

The shoreline is dotted with wharfs and docks and small marinas. And the village’s mostly narrow residential streets feature a delightful hodgepodge of housing, from mobile homes to mansions along Harbor Drive, and an abundance of charming bungalows.


And then there’s the quaint commercial district along Orange Avenue. It features quirky restaurant-bars like Molly Goodhead’s and The Ozona Pig, as well as Antiques and Uniques and The Conscious Connection, where you can go for a dose of enlightenment (or maybe just an ayurvedic massage).

At Pop Stansell Park, there’s a launch for non-motored boats, playing fields and a covered roller hockey rink. The village loves its green space, be it tree-lined neighborhoods, moss-draped alleyways, large expanses of grass, or specialty shops shaded by giant oaks.

Ozona, a long-ago fishing hamlet and health retreat, has over the decades nurtured its status as one of the most unique communities in Florida. Take a detour off the usual path and see all the reasons why locals love Ozona!

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