Thank You for stopping by, I am Sarah Stone, REALTOR® and advisor at Coastal Properties Group International, I specialize in investment property and multi family/residential homes, in and around the regions of North Pinellas County.

An English native, I relocated to Clearwater, Florida - I know first hand the challenges of moving from out of state. A Pinellas County resident for over 24 years, I have a wealth of local area real estate knowledge and expertise. I bring an enthusiastic and strategic approach to my endeavors. I am pleased to have the ability to play an advisory role, whilst helping my clients make a large and often overwhelming decision much easier, and hopefully enjoyable too. From research on property or land redevelopment to zoning codes and taking advantage of a timely 1031 exchange through a qualified intermediary, I provide a wide range of industry related services.

With over 19 years in marketing, branding design and business management, I entered real estate whilst still running my advertising company, IlluminationAdvertising.com The appeal of offering a service to navigate through a complexed and challenging transaction was an area I could excel in, I know for many clients it can be daunting at first, on both sides of the transaction but with the right guidance and knowledge, you can get the results you are wanting.

I am aware of the challenges of marketing a property to the right audience at the right time and how to play an effective role in the process, using my connected online capabilities as well as a built-in target audience through existing clients, I will implement the most up to date and accurate resources available for my clients to succeed.

I reside in Palm harbor, and have a love for the outdoors and nature, I am an avid reader and in my imagination a part time wine connoisseur. I write, draw and make lists, I drink more tea than ever necessary and I enjoy motor racing; F1 and Moto GP. I have an eye for all things creative and an appreciation for dark chocolate, antiques, amazing shoes, architectural flow and space.